Monday, December 20, 2010

Libraries are Alive and Thriving in Second Life

I have always appreciated the fact that there are libraries in  Second Life, this seems to be a good fit for libraries, patrons and lovers of books.  Oh sure we can all access the same resource they do directly from the web without going in to Second Life, however the immersive environment in Second Live provides for a “realistic” library experience.  
This photo was taken at the Cybrary in Second Life as you can see here they provide links to Guttenberg books for their patrons.  

The bookcase below holds Cook Books from the Caledon Library:

Cybrary has been around for a while, in Second Life terms, based upon this article on the Second Life based library.
A list of libraries from the Cybrary City 1 and 2 in Second Life:

    • Bibliotheek Amsterdam OBA (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
    • Glenview Public Library  (Illinois, USA)
    • Olathe Public Library (Kansas, USA)
    • Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library

Totally Virtual Public Libraries with sites in Second Life
    • Alexandrian Free Library Consortium
    • Bibliotheque Francophone
    • Genesis City Public Library
    • The Lbrary @ Driftwood Beach
    • Library @ Insight Virtual College
    • R.F. Burton Memorial Library
    • Sustainable Living Library

Belos is an example of exhibits held at the Caledon Library.    From the Steampunk Wiki you will learn that the Caledon Libraries are managed by JJ Drinkwater.  These libraries are the hub of information, Victorian culture and information in Second Life.   As stated in the wiki, “The collecting policies of the Caledon Library have two main foci: the 19th century and Caledon's defining literary genres, Steampunk and Alternate History.”      As you can see from their calendar, the library and the surrounding area of Caledon, maintains a very active events list. Check out the blog for regular updates from JJ Drinkwater.

The virtual learning library is more of a specialized library focused on the learning needs for residents of Second Life.  This library provides resources on building, scripting to skills just as navigating the Second Life environment.

A second life sculpt map:

Information for new residents to Second Life:

Steel City

State of Kansas Library  This library site provides links to state, regional and local websites of interest.

The Community  for Virtual Libary’ website:
McGill University Library also provides links to it’s web pages of  specialized libraries:

One unique feature of the McGill LIbrary is teleporting to their virtual university which makes it seem as if your avatar is actually in the library:

Libraries are alive and thriving in Second LIfe

Sunday, November 21, 2010

How to choose an accredited online school

How to Choose an Accredited Online School

Online education has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade or so. Gone are the days when people looked at this form of learning with disdain; today, it’s safe to say that these courses have gained in both popularity and respectability. They offer many advantages – they help you save on tuition, commuting and boarding costs, they allow you to learn and earn simultaneously so you don’t have to quit your job, and they make you dedicated learners and good managers of time because you must schedule your day properly if you want to taste success.

Online education provides you with the opportunity to further your education and boost your academic credentials no matter where you are and how old you are. However, all your efforts are bound to go down the drain if you don’t take care to ensure that the school you choose is accredited by the proper agency. When it’s online, it’s always wise to check the reputation of the school before you sign up. Here’s what you need to do to make sure that you choose an accredited online school to earn your degree:

Decide what you want to study – choose your major first before you choose your college. If you’re not too particular about your degree, then opt for one from the best online college.

Check out the options available for the degree of your choice; make a list of all the colleges that offer them.

Run a search of these names and pick out the top ten.

Choose the best option from this list based on convenience (if you need to attend practical sessions, it’s best to choose a college close to where you live so you don’t mess up your schedule) and cost (check to see if you can afford tuition and other costs).

Check to see if your choice is accredited by the right agency, one that is recognized by the US Department of Education. The best known and widely accepted accrediting agencies are the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU), Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSCHE), Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

If none of the above are listed as the accrediting agency, check with the Department of Education to see if they approve of the agency that has approved of the online school.

Check to see if the school is capable of issuing federally funded financial aid – if so, it is accredited by a credible agency.

And finally, before you choose to study online, check if the credits you’ll earn are transferable and accepted by other schools or employers. If the world at large (or your small world in particular) does not accept your credit, your efforts are in vain and your money is wasted.

This guest post is contributed by Carrie Oakley, who writes on the topic of online college . Carrie welcomes your comments at her email id: carrie.oakley1983(AT)gmail(DOT)com.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How Good is Online Education in Photography

How Good is Online Education in Photography?

It’s not a discipline that demands a formal education, however, more and more people prefer to earn a degree in photography because it gives them an edge when it comes to finding suitable employment. Some people take the traditional route – they choose an arts degree that allows them to specialize in photography or visual communication straight out of high school and prepare for a career as a photographer during the four years they spend in college.

Others become photographers because they’re passionate about their craft – they see their cameras as an extension of their hands and as instruments to bring their creativity to life; and because of this, they choose to turn their passion into their profession. They gain employment through their expertise and experience and don’t accord much importance to formal education. However, there may come a time when a degree could come in handy, especially if it means a promotion or a change to a better job. The question that needs answering then is if an online degree will suffice or if you have to go back to school to study photography from an academic point of view.

While the choice is personal and depends on factors that vary according to each individual, most people find that they prefer to take the online route if:

· They don’t want to give up their regular job in exchange for a degree

· They cannot afford to take time off work and go back to school full-time

· They don’t have the money to finance a regular degree at a private art school

· They are able to find a good online school and degree that meets their needs and is affordable

Some people do go back to a full-time degree even though they have a good job and are well set in their profession if they gain admission to prestigious institutions and popular courses. They know that their degree, once completed, will open more professional doors to them than ever before. Also, the schools they join offer golden opportunities to work with masters in photography and learn firsthand from them techniques and skills that cannot be learned or picked up elsewhere.

Any education in photography, online or traditional, is worth it only when augmented with skills in and a passion for photography. A degree only adds to what you already know; it cannot teach you to be a photographer if you don’t have creativity running through your veins. And the only way to boost your creative instincts and perfect your skill is through practice – when you continue to hone your craft and practice even though you’re at the top of your profession, you grow and become a better photographer and artist.


This guest post is contributed by Becky Patterson, who writes on the topic of Become a Photographer . She can be reached at beckypatterson89[@]gmail[.]com.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Second Life Hunts

There are a lot of fun Second Life hunts going on right now that provide the participant with the opportunity to get to know Second Life and get some fabulous merchandise for free.  Rumor is that as of September 1st there were over 100 hunts going on ..why so many?  Well this popular activity is one way of marketing your store and a way for Second Life residents to get free merchandise from their favorite merchants and  get acquainted with new ones.
It’s also a way to meet up with new friends and get reacquainted with with old ones.  Because most hunts are themed this is a good way to connect with others who have similar interests.  So how do you get started on the hunt? Well one way is to find a blog, website or information on the Second Life website to get started.
One of the most popular hunts right now is the Steam Hunt which bills itself as: STEAM:  Steampunk Travelers' Event, Adventure & Megahunt.   This is the third time for this popular hunt which takes place September 1-30th, 2010.  The trick is with this hunt as with any is to find all 135 of the Steampunk-themed gifts which are hidden in the participating vendors parcel or store.   The participants generally start the hunt at one point receiving the landmark for the next site when they find the prize.  Steam the Hunt maintains a blog with updates and hunt information to keep the participant informed and updated.  Steampunk Adventures store is participating in the STEAM hunt as well as the Mushroom hunt. Since starting in this hunt we have seen our traffic increase 3 to 4 times as many visitors prior to the hunts.   We hope that hunters are taking this opportunity to landmark our store for a return visit as well as making a note of our participating vendors in order to visit them.
Here are some pictures of me at the launch point in Mieville for the STEAM hunt.
Me with another hunter at the launch site for the Steam hunt
The hunt board at the second site for the Steam hunt:

Information on hunts and other events at  Avatar Bizarre a stop on the STEAM hunt:

The MadPea Mushroom Hunt started September 1st and bills itself as: 100 locations, 100 mushrooms, 100 prizes and 100L$ for everyone to complete the hunt - starting on September 1st at the MadPea Circus.  There is a website for the MadPea Mushroom Hunt with information on participants, prices, locations and other information.
The MadPea Mushroom Hunt provides much more than just a simple hunt according to the website participants can:
- Write an original story about your adventures as a mushroom hunter. English only, please.
Your style can be anything you wish. Let your mind go wild and your imagination bloom.
There is NO limitation on the length of your piece.
- Create a short story with the aid of photos.
Use the images to tell us your favourite/most horrible encounters during your hunt.
Maximum of 20 image per one comic.
- Create a video about the best parts of your hunt. Show locations. Show people.
Show us the emotions and the feeling of being a mushroom hunter.
Make it fun, make it crazy, challenge your imagination.
NO limitation on the length of the piece.
I have participated in a few hunts.  I have visited at least 15 stores on the current Steam Hunt, completed The Thrifty Gother hunt, Pot of Gold Hunt, and last spring’s Steam Hunt.  On a regular hunt though the question may be asked regarding what you expect to get as prizes.l.this could be anything from furniture, clothing, airships, buildings, to shoes.  Here are some examples of things I have gotten:
Fashions from LnL Design in last spring’s Steam Hunt:

A beautiful Victorian gown from Papillon:

A hot tub in the Pot of Gold Hunt:

Another example of the gifts I received on the hunts I have been on.  A biplane from the Shiny Shop! and another outfit from The Traveler:

Another fashion shot:

I have received a lot of great things so far on this fall’s STEAM Hunt, photos below:
Tophat: Destiny Designs:
Steampunk Wings from Avatar Bizarre:

Fabulous Steampunk Skybox from Gianfor Peaks (interior):

Exterior of the Steampunk Skybox from Gianfor Peaks:

A fabulous fashion selection from Steam Bound:
Is your interest piqued?  Are hunts worthwhile? Well I think so!  As I mentioned previously there are over 100 hunts going on right now in Second Life. What are these hunts and what are the themes?
The Back to School Hunt:  Which started September 1st-30th.  The theme of this hunt is , students , anything and everything about going back to school.  There are only 30 stores participating in this hunt.
The Birthday Blitz Hunt, no real theme noted runs from September 1-30th and is sponsored by Sour Pickles Group.  
Hunt for (role players)  RP! Runs from September 1-30th, information can be found on the Hunt for RP blog.   The theme or intent of the hunt is as follows:  With the growing number of RP's on Second Life, we have attempted to combine RP needs, shopping, and advertisement into one package.
The details of the  Zombie Raid Hunt are noted on a blog.  This hunt started August 20th and lasts to October 1st.   
Websites with information on Second Life hunts:
The most popular via google search SLHUNTS
‘Second Life 24H
From the events listings at the Second Life Website I found the following:
Twisted Hunt:  The Twisted Hunt returns with new prizes and new challenges. The theme for this round is "spooky," so you'll seek and find dark, creepy and scary items across Second Life. Event held through Sept. 30.  
For fun, fabulous prizes, and if you are new to Second Life hunts provide the participant with an opportunity to get high quality merchandise, fashion, and to make connections with others.  Take advantage of all of these hunts today!  (Now that I am done with this article guess what I am going to do!!)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Improving the new user experience in Second Life

Much has been written, said, hashed over out and sliced and diced on how the Second Life viewer and how that contributes to the lack of retaining and attracting new residents to Second Life, I contend that has little or nothing to do with it. In fact I assert that there is a need in Second Life to come up with an innovative way to connect new residents with other residents in a meaningful way.

I am not a techie so I can only assert that this needs to occur in the registration process where not only do I pick a name, a gender, etc., I also complete profile that details my interests, connects me to a community, such as Caledon, role play interests, and perhaps even occupation interests before I even go in world.

This could be done before I even go in world. I complete my profile based upon a series of questions (all optional) such as:

1. Demographics information
2. I wish to connect with others who have an interest in:

Live music,
History by era
Role play by genre/era/history/etc
etc., etc.,
3. When I get in world options for joining groups, communities, etc., are all immediately made available to me.
4. I want to learn more about
Building in second life
Coding in Second Life
Other cultures in Second Life

Why do I think this is important? Because over the last two years seeing people come and go those who I have seen go have those who seemingly did not make connections with other in Second Life. Part of the fun of this environment is meeting with and engaging with others who you would never have had that opportunity to otherwise.

While the information on the website is fabulous and getting better would simplify things greatly if new users would (voluntarily) complete a profile that would allow them to immediately identify others, in world, who share their interests, this would help with the initial first hours in Second Life. Do this would by no means lock a new resident into a scripted Second Life for the long term, but would help them connect with others who share similar interests.

What are your thoughts..putting the choice of viewer aside how can the new user experience in Second Life be improved?

Monday, August 23, 2010

10 Little Known Facts About Second Life

Ten Lesser Known Facts About Second Life

The obsession to escape one's own life via addicting technologic-alternate realities is growing at a staggering rate. Back in the day, myself and my middle school posse would plop down in front of the computer for hours, completely engrossed in a game called TheSIMS. We built our dream homes, added completely unnecessary accessories, and made our SIMS character everything we were not or might never be. We tried to figure out--unsuccessfully, I might add--how to make our SIMS have sex with one another, but we could only get them to first base each time. I hear that one of the newer versions requires its buyers to be of legal age, which shows me the creators finally went to the next level.

Take TheSIMS and give it some really intense steroids--the kind baseball players get in trouble for--and you get Second Life. TheSIMS made adult life seem like a picnic; everything was free, no one had to work, and there was no limit to how big your house could be or how many toys with which you could fill your garage. And when your garage got full, you could just build a bigger one. Second Life adds the ability to turn a profit for its users, taking the pretend-to-be-whoever-you-want idea and allowing users to follow their dreams and make money (for some) doing what they always wanted; perhaps not what they're doing in non-virtual life. Some Second Life "Residents" have been reported to make over $1 million in US currency.

It's shiny, it's somewhat new, and the idea intrigues many. The perks of possible economic success on the site, however, are also accompanied by some annoying disadvantages. A list of little-known (maybe, maybe not) facts about Second Life follows:

Second Life FunFacts

1. Users' online self-representations are called Avatars. I was under the impression that was a movie that was only worth seeing at an IMAX or at the regular it's my cartoon self.

2. In the Second Life economy, there exists no taxes, low "government" regulations, and low production costs. It's as if they're paying you to invent something that could turn a profit in US dollars.

3. Real money: the Linden dollar (L$) is convertible to the US dollar. Exchange rate: L$309:US$1.

4. Real money, take two: users cannot use L$ in the US market. For example, you cannot go to a Linden Lab ATM (because they don't exist) withdraw from your L$ balance. How convenient for LL, eh?

5. Real money, take three: L$1.93 billion in monthly transactions. The virtual economy is booming while the real one continues to flounder. Awesome.

6. Despite its heavy volume of users (518,524, growing by 36 percent a month), only a small fraction of them upgrade past the basic account. Accounts past the basic level have more financial freedom and thus, can make more money at a more efficient rate. Second Life is about buying and selling, marketing and advertising. If users don't want to get bored, they should be sure they're interested in logging some non-billable business hours, contrasting the paid hours one records during...say..."Real, Original Life?"

7. Second Life "Residents" can market anything from a character's walk to facial expressions, outfits and accessories, and all kinds of services or merchandise --including a vivid sex simulator, complete with free updates for life, at a steal of a deal: L$219. That's less than a US$1. I am now starting to understand why people immerse themselves in a virtual reality; it's cheaper, you can be anyone you want to be, and you can get a sex simulation machine for less than a buck that will last you a lifetime!

8. On the same subject line as sex, a favorite of most people in the world, the social scene in Second Life mimics "Real, Original Life," with the most popular hang outs being places with names like Club Arsheba: Hot Sexy Girls, and ELEMENTS at Goddess of Love 2.

9. The Second Life network is apparently a little slow. I'm an avid Guitar Hero player, and I can't imagine the frustration I would feel if the screen or response to the guitar were delayed. Second Life's creators actually issued a warning/apology statement for the influx of signups that resulted from a Yahoo! advertisement. So, the network is slow, the creators know about it, and...

10. Linden Labs is for sale! Any takers?

Virtual reality is taking a turn towards an all-inclusive alternate lifestyle that could only lead to an increase in the obsession with escape. Escape your shitty job. Escape your socially unacceptable physique and create a new one, without even moving from your couch! Linden Lab's idea of a virtual world that can resemble almost completely the world we already live in is an intriguing one at the very least, but why not change your original life first? Build your own escape and live in it instead of logging in to it?

Anna Forge is a guest blogger for My Dog Ate My Blog and a writer on online schools for Guide to Online Schools.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Funding a Gaming Career

Funding a Gaming Career

There are dozens of careers in the gaming industry that can lead to big money. Did you know that a game artist earns an average of $61,000 per year? And a game designer with one year of experience makes an average of $52,000 per year with the highest salary documented at $300,000! Game development, design, testing, audio, production, support and programming are just a few of the types of jobs in the game world that are available. Depending on what field of study interests you the most, degrees in areas like computer programming and advertising are great degrees to have when trying to get your foot in the video game world.

Diverse Degrees

Just because you receive a degree in gaming development doesn't always mean that you will be working with video games. Graduating with degrees in majors such as art, multimedia or program development can take you in all sorts of directions and although it can be used in gaming, these degrees are versatile enough to be used in many other fields.


There are multiple scholarships for serious gamers. A few examples are:

1. Emagination Game Design which is a program designed for high school students who show interest in gaming and are given the opportunity to attend camp for gamers, the chance to show off their creations to game developers and the ability to apply for scholarships to cover tuition.

2. Rochester Institute of Technology created a Masters of Science in Game Design and Development that offers several scholarships.

3. The International Game Developers Association offers annual scholarships for those that attend the Game Developers Conference.

The list of available scholarships for serious gamers goes on and on. So the days of mom yelling at kids to stop playing games are over, it's those same games that just might get their kids into college one day!

Bio: Alexis Bonari is a freelance writer and blog junkie. She is currently a resident blogger at College In her spare time, she enjoys square-foot gardening, swimming, and avoiding her laptop.

Public Domain Photo:

Saturday, July 31, 2010

#secondlife art tour Saturday

Real life may change for some however Second Life continues to provide a platform for presenting the work of artists, authors and educators. While I have not been able to maintain my previious level of writing about and exploring Second Life I have found that creativity remains strong in Second Life as I have demonstrated below.

If you enjoy seeing innovations in art, presentation of art, and mixed media I highly recommend a journey into Second Life. Today I visited the University of TX in San Antonio and got a new perspective into art in Second Life.

The work of Bryn Oh, I retrieved the information below from a notecard retrieved at the University of TX site where this build is located. Please watch the machinima:

Opening the door allows the viewer to cam into a bunker type enclosure. The first element encountered is an old radio playing the music of Vera Lynn. Vera Lynn was born at the end of WWI and sang music for the troops in WWII. Her music offered hope to the common soldier. In addition to the radio the viewer will also find two types of flying robotic insects symbolizing war technology and the dog fights of WWII.

The viewer proceeds down a narrow tunnel into a new room whose main focus is a tiny robot in a test jar. The robot is in the process of being handed a cable which will allow them both to be connected. They are the expendable creations of the Scientists. Experiments viewed dispassionately by humans, yet who contain deep emotions of fear and lonliness. Perhaps moreso than their keepers. They symbolize soldiers as game pieces for war leaders. Left clicking the tiny robot will show the machinima for this build.

To learn more about artist Bryn Oh I would suggest visiting his blog, his in world sites, and viewing his mahcinima. Below are some photos I took of his work in Second Life:

Utopia 04:


Immersiva on midnight settings:

Here I am sitting atop a mushroom in Immersiva:

The work of Second Life resident, Ragamuffin Kips is also featured at the University of Tx San Antonio build. The background information below was retrieved from a note-card in Second Life.


Ragamuffin Kips is the alterego of Texas-based artist Anthony Jacob. His current fascination lies in merging SL elements with pastel and charcoal drawings to create works with a foot in both "worlds." A life-long artist, holding a master's degree in Communication Arts, Anthony has a passion for both the theory and practice of art in virtual space, and their future implications for the human endeavor of creation.


My new work continues with themes of organic form, but seeks to merge my real life experiences with this new world of virtual sensations. Stepping back from it as viewer, I'm often surprised by some of the imagery it conjures. These images appear, to me, deeply personal but also universally human.

In addition to the University of TX build Ragamuffin also has a a gallery in Second Life.

From the University of TX art notecard:
by Gary Kohime

When we are united as a collective we are able to accomplish many things. Especially when it comes to Humanitarian endeavors or causes.

My Piece represents, at its base, the source that brings us together in Unity as a spiritual rose.

In the center of the rose is a cocoon. The cocoon represents the many various factors that need to come together to give birth to all our efforts, as a collective, in order to make a difference; its also being protected inside the rose. The cocoon strings are all of us, as individuals, not only coming together, but also as the glue to staying the course for a particular cause.

As it matures inside the cocoon then it breaks through as a process of realization that has us reach out our hands to those in need.

After all is said and done, the Red Tipped rose represents the budding of an even greater Unity with those that were served. This will ultimately be a cause to some future blossoming into those that received help will or may assist with some need to come.

In closing;

I sincerely hope, that when the occasion arises, that we step up as brothers, and sisters and do the right thing.

Thank you


Gary’s art:

Igor Ballyhoo:

My work on this exibit is appology to person who you see infront of you in name of all human kind and in the name of humanity...
If you dissagree with me, kiss my ass!
Igor Ballyhoo

Field of Scissors:

I would like to thank every person that was interested in seeing it, my special thanks to all of you that even filmed it...
I must admitt that I find some of machinimas that were made in my forest even more interesting then forest itself:

ColeMarie Soleil

Osprey Therian

Nur Moo

Welcome to the HeartSeed
[13:14] HeartSeed: Plant the Seed and Nurture it.
[13:14] HeartSeed: It Will grow....
[13:14] HeartSeed: Reach for The Stars!.
[13:14] HeartSeed: Put your hands in the Earth!.
[13:14] HeartSeed: For many years.
[13:14] HeartSeed: We have been together.. linked through the etheric plane,...
[13:15] HeartSeed: ..we are the seven spirits of celestial light, and love of our creator.
[13:15] HeartSeed: We meet like brothers and sisters to honour our link within the etheric plane.
[13:15] HeartSeed: We are of the earth yet of the stars.
[13:15] HeartSeed: Children of the forest seek and you shall find my brothers and sisters.
[13:15] HeartSeed: For We are All Children of the Light.

There are many fascinating places in Second Life such as Patron Art decor and Gallery, owned by Eliza Wierwright in Second Life:

Raul Crimson wrote about Patron in December 2009 at this blog:

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Music in Second Life

Second Life does provide plenty of opporutnities for musicians to gain a following, allbeit somewhat small..but then you get to get this audience sitting in front of your computer, in the comfort of your own home or studio if you wish.

I decided to venture out today, and wander around and listen to various musicians, take some pictures and review the music scene in education from an educators perspective. Is there a chance that college level music programs can use Second Life as a learning opportunity for students?

It's 8 am (SLT) and I am sitting in the comfort of my living room when I log in to go on this venture. I find that musician Russell Eponym is playing at the Drunken Dow in Second Life. Russell plays regularly at the Drunken Dow at this time every Saturday morning. He has a soothing voice and focuses on folk songs. Based upon a review of his calendar you can see that this talented singer is actively involved in bringing his music to an audience in Second Life.

According to his real life bio he is:

Russell Taylor Ashby
Quintessentially British living in North Wales
- musician/singer/songwriter
- artist
- writer
- teacher
For free downloads go to:
For photos go to:

While these events are held virtually it is important to remember that these events are experiential can be experienced as if they are real, and quite enjoyable.

It is hard to judge how much these artists make in Second Life. If 10 people are there and they each tip around 100L the artist gets 1000L for that performance which lasts an hour. 1000L is a little less than $4.00 (USD), if they also charge a fee to the venue to perform they may get anywhere from 3000L - ..well I suppose up to what the venue is willing to pay.

I could listen to the amazing russell Eponym all day, his music, his story, and his voice are amazing.

Musicians in Second Life are more than happy to promote and sing for fundraisers. Today I attended a fund raiser for Virtual Helping Hands Helen Keller Day celebration in Second Life at Club Accessible. This morning Jordan Reyne was playing..and I found her to be amazing artist.

As a visitor to Second Life you should be impressed by the level of fundraising that occurs across the grid, the willingness of talented musicians to give of their time to support these efforts, as well as the level of talent involved.

By 9:46 am I was wandering over to Avillon Mist to listen to Shannon Oherlihy, in my opinion, one of the best singers in Second Life. Her voice evokes memories of Joan Baez or Judy Collins.

I then wandered over to Guthries in Second Life to listen to davecorbett Darwin. He has this wonderfully gravelly voice that really resonates with the blues lover.

Second Life Musicians have a variety of ways to promote themselves. The venue owner who books an artist who has a good following really has a gem as these people come with the artist to visit your sim and perhaps even tip your venue. If you have shops on your sim perhaps they will shop for some virtual goods.

Below is a picture of Guthries which shows how signs, group joiners and other boards are used to get tips and have people join your group so they return to your venue:

I next found Remy Farman at Club Falling Water's Back Up Club. I found his web tab and reviewed his schedule of events. As you can see his event run through the morning, 10 am SLT and 12 PM SLT. Remy like Russell is also from Wales according to his bio.

One of my favorites is the superb singer, Tone Uriza in Second Life. He is pure blues singer and is simply amazing. His Second Life information is also on this website. I see that Tone only has a couple of shows lined up in Second Life, I hope this doesn't mean he is backing off on his events in SL.

This is what I am finding, that at this time of the day most of the artists are from the UK or other countries. This is a wonderful thing, Second Life is truly a 24 / 7 venue for events, to see and hear artists from all over the world, and to be entertained at all times of the day or night.

Second Life provides a means of communication via instant messaging, groups, notecards, and the guides associated with Second Life. In addition to this many artists make use of websites, Livestreaming and Ustreaming.

What can students gain from this? A way of gaining an audience, getting feedback on their singing, and a motivation to practice. They can also link up with other artists all over the world. In addition they can also learn a little about entrepreneurship through promoting themselves and/or their own venues.

Of course I can't close this out without mentioning one of my favorite venues in Caledon..that of the Empress of the Aethers on Thistle Hill. I have watched this from the start and there are exciting things going on there as Mr. Plutonian slow grows the following of this fine venue for musicians. These musicians include Mrmulti Writer, Shannon Oherlihy, Geos Copperfield, Strum Diesel, and DJ Lucien Brentano. If you are looking for a venue drop Andy Riverstone, manager, a note or one to Onyx Plutonian, owner, to get the details on scheduling your event there.

The interior of the beautiful Empress of the Aethers:

Another shot of the stage:

I include Empress of the Aethers here not only because it is owned by a friend but because it is also one of the most aesthetically pleasing venues I have visited, musicians and the audience all seem to love it. This is a key point if your venue is hard to find, if you don't promote your event using the events feature of Second Life, subscribo matics, groups,etc you just aren't going to have a good draw to your events..and a good audience means good tips.

Have a successful venue for music in Second Life just takes persistence. I have heard a rule of thumb that establishing a small business in real life may take a year or longer, it may take at least that long in Second Life if not longer.