Saturday, June 4, 2011

Beijing Hutong and Cricket Liu

One of the lunch stops on our tour included a luncheon prepared by and with a local resident of Beijing Hutong..this was really one of the highlights of the trip for me.  We were taken by cycle rickshaw through the narrow alleyways of Hutong to the house of Chicken Liu.
The house was one of many connected together within the heart of Hutong.  It consisted of an entry, kitchen, and two rooms (I couldn’t help but note that on the wall of one of the rooms as a flatscreen tv, in the other room someone noted two computers. )

There was no bathroom in the home, there are various public toilets here and throughout the Hutong.   Apparently, according to this Wikipedia article, the hutong are disappearing as communities, this is not surprising because it does not appear that they have the infrastructure to meet the needs of today’s modern society.  However this is a critical piece of China’s culture, history and society so I hope that some piece of this will be preserved.

Below are some of the pictures I took of Cricket Liu, his wife,their Hutong Home, and a Youtube video I found of him.

China 366

China 371China 373China 375China 376China 377
The Second and Third pictures show Cricket Liu and our interpreter for the lunch. She did a great job of telling his story!
China 382China 383China 385

The flatscreen tv in the first picture:

China 386China 387China 388

The cricket’s “home”
China 390

Cricket Liu’s wife in the kitchen preparing our meal..I am not sure if they had running water in the home or not:

China 392
China 391
Cricket Liu is quite an expressive story teller:

China 393
Our meal was ready and on the table waiting for us when we arrived:

China 378

Cricket Liu also had some very impressive looking grasshoppers:

China 408

China 409

China 410

China 411

China 420

China 421

China 422

China 423

Holding his cricket house:

China 424

He really loves his dog who he called a “movie star”
China 425

Cricket Liu: