Saturday, July 31, 2010

#secondlife art tour Saturday

Real life may change for some however Second Life continues to provide a platform for presenting the work of artists, authors and educators. While I have not been able to maintain my previious level of writing about and exploring Second Life I have found that creativity remains strong in Second Life as I have demonstrated below.

If you enjoy seeing innovations in art, presentation of art, and mixed media I highly recommend a journey into Second Life. Today I visited the University of TX in San Antonio and got a new perspective into art in Second Life.

The work of Bryn Oh, I retrieved the information below from a notecard retrieved at the University of TX site where this build is located. Please watch the machinima:

Opening the door allows the viewer to cam into a bunker type enclosure. The first element encountered is an old radio playing the music of Vera Lynn. Vera Lynn was born at the end of WWI and sang music for the troops in WWII. Her music offered hope to the common soldier. In addition to the radio the viewer will also find two types of flying robotic insects symbolizing war technology and the dog fights of WWII.

The viewer proceeds down a narrow tunnel into a new room whose main focus is a tiny robot in a test jar. The robot is in the process of being handed a cable which will allow them both to be connected. They are the expendable creations of the Scientists. Experiments viewed dispassionately by humans, yet who contain deep emotions of fear and lonliness. Perhaps moreso than their keepers. They symbolize soldiers as game pieces for war leaders. Left clicking the tiny robot will show the machinima for this build.

To learn more about artist Bryn Oh I would suggest visiting his blog, his in world sites, and viewing his mahcinima. Below are some photos I took of his work in Second Life:

Utopia 04:


Immersiva on midnight settings:

Here I am sitting atop a mushroom in Immersiva:

The work of Second Life resident, Ragamuffin Kips is also featured at the University of Tx San Antonio build. The background information below was retrieved from a note-card in Second Life.


Ragamuffin Kips is the alterego of Texas-based artist Anthony Jacob. His current fascination lies in merging SL elements with pastel and charcoal drawings to create works with a foot in both "worlds." A life-long artist, holding a master's degree in Communication Arts, Anthony has a passion for both the theory and practice of art in virtual space, and their future implications for the human endeavor of creation.


My new work continues with themes of organic form, but seeks to merge my real life experiences with this new world of virtual sensations. Stepping back from it as viewer, I'm often surprised by some of the imagery it conjures. These images appear, to me, deeply personal but also universally human.

In addition to the University of TX build Ragamuffin also has a a gallery in Second Life.

From the University of TX art notecard:
by Gary Kohime

When we are united as a collective we are able to accomplish many things. Especially when it comes to Humanitarian endeavors or causes.

My Piece represents, at its base, the source that brings us together in Unity as a spiritual rose.

In the center of the rose is a cocoon. The cocoon represents the many various factors that need to come together to give birth to all our efforts, as a collective, in order to make a difference; its also being protected inside the rose. The cocoon strings are all of us, as individuals, not only coming together, but also as the glue to staying the course for a particular cause.

As it matures inside the cocoon then it breaks through as a process of realization that has us reach out our hands to those in need.

After all is said and done, the Red Tipped rose represents the budding of an even greater Unity with those that were served. This will ultimately be a cause to some future blossoming into those that received help will or may assist with some need to come.

In closing;

I sincerely hope, that when the occasion arises, that we step up as brothers, and sisters and do the right thing.

Thank you


Gary’s art:

Igor Ballyhoo:

My work on this exibit is appology to person who you see infront of you in name of all human kind and in the name of humanity...
If you dissagree with me, kiss my ass!
Igor Ballyhoo

Field of Scissors:

I would like to thank every person that was interested in seeing it, my special thanks to all of you that even filmed it...
I must admitt that I find some of machinimas that were made in my forest even more interesting then forest itself:

ColeMarie Soleil

Osprey Therian

Nur Moo

Welcome to the HeartSeed
[13:14] HeartSeed: Plant the Seed and Nurture it.
[13:14] HeartSeed: It Will grow....
[13:14] HeartSeed: Reach for The Stars!.
[13:14] HeartSeed: Put your hands in the Earth!.
[13:14] HeartSeed: For many years.
[13:14] HeartSeed: We have been together.. linked through the etheric plane,...
[13:15] HeartSeed: ..we are the seven spirits of celestial light, and love of our creator.
[13:15] HeartSeed: We meet like brothers and sisters to honour our link within the etheric plane.
[13:15] HeartSeed: We are of the earth yet of the stars.
[13:15] HeartSeed: Children of the forest seek and you shall find my brothers and sisters.
[13:15] HeartSeed: For We are All Children of the Light.

There are many fascinating places in Second Life such as Patron Art decor and Gallery, owned by Eliza Wierwright in Second Life:

Raul Crimson wrote about Patron in December 2009 at this blog: