Sunday, April 18, 2010

Galleries in Caledon..Second Life

So many things have happened both personally and professionally that my focus has been taken away from researching and working in Second Life that I really feel out of touch with the community and the network that I have built in there. One thing that has changed my Second Life activities has been my exploration of using Second Life as a platform for presenting the many photos and other digital art in Caledon. If you are in Second Life and your are not taking advantage of using it as a medium for creative expression then I think you are truly missing out on the potential of it for you and what you can experience in Second Life. Here are the slurls to my galleries in Caledon in Second Life:

Victorian House Slurl

The Victorian House Gallery has vintage photos from the Victorian era to the 1950's. These are some personal photos, venacular photos I have acquired and digital art. This could be defined as a museum of sorts.

Slurl to the Castle Gallery

I also recently acquired the Qork Memorial Gallery in Caledon Downs from Kitsuko Pelazzi with the promise that I would keep with the original plans for the gallery which was to make this a place where Caledon Residents could place real pictures of their homes. This Gallery is certainly open for that purpose, however I do intend to add some of my photos and art as well.

I am still interested in education in Second Life and looking around to see what is available for educators in virtual worlds, however an up coming job change may shift my focus from distance education to more traditional education delivery methods. In somewhat of a nostalgic mood I toured a few university sites last night and I am finding more interactive builds being developed than I saw last fall as I toured these sites.

I revisited St. Leo University:

Much can be said for a university which has online or distance education and the potential use of Second Life as social meeting or gathering place in addition to the learning activities of a course.

Elon University:

Both of the above photos illustrate art and creative design in Second Life through the activities of university students.

In my opinion university and business should partner in Second Life to provide enhanced learning opportunities for students and internships in working in a business.

Art presentation at Bowling Green State University:

A game at BGSU, an example of an activity which would engage students or other visitors at the site:

While I was at Elon University I came to the site where Science Friday holds their Second Life presentation:

I also visited a couple of Mexico Sims Last night. Being able to visit these in Second Life is the next best thing to being there:

Finally I took a few minutes to check out the fabulous College of DuPage Build ..I spent a few quick looking around an love this fabulous ship:

The changes in my life may or may not impact my activities in Second Life, however I am committed and enjoy the galleries in Caledon..that is one thing that won't change.