Friday, April 17, 2009

HI! Reality Check

Well being somewhat new to Second LIfe I am still learning...there is as much going on there as any real world economy, life, and solar system. So I am cutting out the second life fun for a few days. I really love the live music, shopping and other things that second lifers can do. This could be due, in part, to the isolated area where I live. Enough said..I am more and more fascinated by the growth that Linden Labs is currently reporting here..

Interesting! It's hard to believe that SL has such a growth economy while the rest of the worlds and world seems to be in a holding pattern right now.

So what is the draw. Second life seems to get into your's the creativity and fundamentally I believe we are all creative this could be related to a story I heard..probably on NPR or something about a study that was done with elementary school aged Kindergarten the kids were asked "who is an artist in this classroom.." all the kids jumped out and down and raised their hands, about the same next year..then the next year a few kids didn't raise their hands when asked, and the next year a few more, then a few more then a few more finally only one or two or none...

So it goes we lose, somehow our desire to be creative! or believe we aren't or shouldn't be...I think SL taps into this kid in us that got lost along the way ...

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