Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sl and creativity

The creative environment that SL provides is nothing to knew to those of you who may be reading this post.  But this is an ideal environment for students to learn makes the definite switch from an environment in which students passively have something done to they can create their learning experience.  This means they can create art, create art, create a performance type are experience, and experiment.  

The beauty of experimenting in SL is the fact that, for the most part, resources are unlimited, however the learning curve is a bit steep to get there.  But reality my's young student has a deep skill set, far beyond what I have that they bring to SL.

I think in order to foster this opportunity to create a rich immersive environment the student should have as few limitations or restrictions placed on him/her in sl.  Of course this type of opportunity only is provided in certain discipline areas, and may not work well in all areas.  When designing a course in sl the course designer must evaluate whether or not he/she is designing activities that are tied to the learning outcomes of the course.    For those who may immersed in SL sometimes it is difficult to remove your personal feelings for the virtual world learning environment and separate it from what is right for the particular course. 

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